A Bumpy Road to Abundance Lies Ahead

Now that we’re halfway into this first month of 2024, it’s time to take a look at the year ahead and what it can bring.

by April Goff Brown

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It’s the new year and we’ve all seen and responded to lots of wishes for a prosperous, healthy, loving, and so on, new year. Now that we’re halfway into this first month of 2024, it’s time to take a look at the year ahead and what it can bring. This year, I opted to listen in on several webinars and presentations related to 2024 from both a Human Design lens and an astrological lens. Human Design has a foundational element of astrology and so I love looking at both.

Add to that, I’d been studying and analyzing the 64 gates of Human Design over the past year. 

What did I learn?

First, I’ve come to believe, in my soul, that we are all born perfectly designed. Then, life happens and the conditioning just from living in family structures and communities, cultural and religious influences, all these and more influence our development.  But that perfection is still there.

I also found some BIG themes in our design, themes that are crucial for what lies ahead in 2024.

See, 2024 will be bumpy at the intensity level we had last year as we are prepared for the next two years which have BIG energies coming our way.  This is a year to focus on GROWTH.

This isn’t bad news. We are in the midst of a changing world. I’m coming to see how the astrological transits impact the world we inhabit. It’s enlightening and helps to be prepared.

So exactly what are we in for in 2024?

Gate 51, the Gate with the theme of shock and disruption plays in a big way this year. With shock comes chaos and crisis which are all signs of growth. As much as we hate disruption and chaos, we don’t grow as individuals or a society without them. We are experiencing huge growing pains.

Saturn is enjoying itself within the emotional solar plexus and has been for a bit. What I’m seeing is BIG emotion everywhere. We have become so polarized and with that polarization has come heightened emotion. There’s a lot of talk about hate being the opposite of love and I think there’s more to it than that. Behind a lot of this is fear, disillusionment, resentment, disappointment, grief, anger, a sense of feeling lost, and more. The South node hits three of the seven spleen gates which house fears. We don’t like change, we are often afraid of what change will bring as it takes us out of our comfort zone, and yet, it is inevitable. 

Chiron, the wounded healer, plays a pivotal role throughout the year. This basically means that we need to focus on our healing that this shock and chaos brings so that we can move forward from our aligned selves. I loved this from one webinar- when we do our own personal healing, even when quietly, and every time we pray, we are part of the collective bringing healing to the world.  

And, if that wasn’t enough, the other big planetary change is that Pluto will be moving into Aquarius. Pluto is the planet of transformation and is generational – Pluto moves very slowly so he has been hanging out in Gate 60 for a while.  Systems are undergoing change and some may not make it to the next century. The last Pluto in Aquarius was the time of the American revolution and before that it was around the reformation period of the church’s hold on everything. These are HUGE shifts in history. We need to prepare ourselves for another huge shift, globally, that will bring a renewed vision for humanity. We are living the change.

There’s no going back, no matter how great it seems nostalgically. What we need to figure out is what has been working that we want to keep and what needs mutation, evolution, innovation to bring it forward better than what it is – personally and globally. 

How does all this relate to abundance you might ask. This is THE time to focus on our personal abundance so that we can weather the proverbial storm. The key for 2024 is to work on not being reactive. Rather, go inward, cultivate your relationship with Spirit as you know it, work on becoming your truest self, and come to know your value and values so that you can smooth out the bumps ahead. In the rockiest of times, we can focus on our abundance and can attain it.

I offer you these three journal prompts, which can be used effectively with oracle cards, to use on a regular basis to guide you:

  • How can I remain true to my aligned and authentic self while navigating the change and emotion of 2024?
  • How do I stay connected with Spirit and strengthen my faith?
  • How do I pivot and reinvent myself without compromising my integrity, my value and my values?

Enjoy the ride. There’s nothing to fear. It will be an experience for growing further back to your perfect design.

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