How’s Your Self-Love Doing?

Do you have an abundance of self-love? I really do believe that this is the key to everything.

by April Goff Brown

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Do you have an abundance of self-love?

I really do believe that this is the key to everything.

I struggled with this for a while. I knew I was loved yet I wondered at times why. I am blessed with my husband of 42 years and his love for me has been unwavering. I am grateful but I cannot tell you how many times I wondered why. 

And then I would go on to list all the reasons he shouldn’t, inside my head. I was listing all the things that I thought were not good and then I’d wonder what was wrong with him.

Doesn’t that sound crazy?

It’s what the negative self-talk does to us.

It’s what the conditioned limiting beliefs we all have do to us.

This is so prevalent that there are thousands of programs and books and classes and practices out there to help us learn to love ourselves.

Anyway, I went on this journey to learning more about myself, getting truly introspective. I began a daily practice of oracle cards and journaling. The cards gave me thoughts to ponder and write about. They opened perspective, provoked my thinking and helped me see there were beliefs that were holding me back.

Then I discovered Human Design and came to understand how I am here to be in this world and so many light bulbs went off the more I learned. I am not supposed to be like anyone else.

It is okay for me to stop and rest and not try to keep up with others. There was nothing wrong with me – I’m just not wired that way.

My big development was to learn to trust in Spirit and that I will not be forgotten, I am seen, I will be called out at the right time.  

I have gifts to share with the world.

I know things even though I don’t know how I know things. They just come to me. My intuition and instincts are strong and I need to trust them. No number of advanced degrees will replace that deep inner gift of knowing. 

I found that I truly am designed to be nurturing, not enabling, and empowering to others. I will guide and help you to being accountable for your own happiness and love. What I once saw as selfish because I wasn’t selfless I now see as a higher level of nurturing. I’m like a Mama Bird that gently nudges her fledglings out of the nest when she knows they are ready to fly.

And you know what I discovered through this process?

I really liked who I am.

And then I learned to love who I am.

I stopped looking in the mirror and saying negative things to me. Instead, I smile at the reflection and let her know she’s special.

I began a nightly gratitude practice two years ago and go to sleep each night thankful for things that happened that day. The little things because an abundance of little things becomes big.

And that’s what abundance is.

A lot of little things that lead up to the BIG thing.

What little things can you do each day that help you get to the big thing of self-love?

Because, when you can do that, and you can focus on all the little things in your life that show you that you are loved, that you are worthy and deserving of this love, you will come to feel that abundance of self-love.

Then, my friend, you can face anything in your world because, simply put, you are love.

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