The magic of oracle cards never ceases to amaze me

In this blog, I want to share a story with you that shows the way the Universe, Source, Spirit works.

by April Goff Brown

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I have a daily practice of pulling one or two cards each morning and then journaling my thoughts, insights and messages the cards give.  This ritual centers me for the day and by time I am in bed, settling in for the night, I review my day and reflect how the reading impacted the day.

Recently, I was talking to my husband over coffee, about a myriad of things, of people who entered our lives and found their way into our inner circle, of friends we’ve had for a long time and those who have drifted away. We talked about some of the messages I have been receiving through the Universe of late and how one needs to be ready to act upon the message and how the releasing of little April was part of the being ready. We talked about having the grace to accept gifts and offers of help so as to acknowledge and respect the energy of the giver. 

Then, I engaged my morning ritual, a little later than usual. But, it was a Saturday morning after all!! I shuffled the cards from The Sacred Rebel deck, asking the question “What do I need to understand as I move along my path?” 

The card I pulled was

Releasing Allegiances

As I read Alana Fairchild’s guidebook, I was overcome with awe in how the Divine was confirming everything in that morning conversation!  The card confirmed for me that the release of the serious and responsible little April was timely. She had served me well for all these years but now, I “earned the right to step out of that frequency, out of the habits, relationships and the possibilities that are limited to that outmoded frequency. It is now time to expand into higher frequencies of experience…”. 

If that wasn’t enough, “the oracle is also a confirmation that the work you have been doing on yourself is working for you! Your level of self-love is growing….” 

And then, there’s this: “Some connections in your life will mature along with you and your regard and affection will deepen and blossom, It will be revealed that other relationships are no longer relevant to your life journey. You will know which is which because you will feel it.”

The final key message was I “must be there for myself” because I am doing well, on the right path and growing. My husband had ended our conversation saying that he was so happy for me in how I was truly finding my voice.

Confirmation that God knows I have been doing the work to become a better version of myself, to find my truth and joy, and the gift I have been given is the ability to read and intuit oracle cards. These tools when used regularly can help you chart your course, assess where you are and what are likely next steps to take.

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I’d love to be your Journey Guide and show you the magic of oracle cards and how they can support you.