Who Are Your Magical Shape Shifters?

I know you’ve had those moments when you meet someone and You. Just. Know. You know that this is someone you have to know.

by April Goff Brown

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I’ve just completed reading the book The Map by Colette Baron-Reid, and towards the end of the book she talks about Magical Shape Shifters.  A Magical Shape Shifter is someone who enters your life who has a profound effect on you, whether for a long part of your journey or only for a short time. These individuals come into your life and change your map, lighting up a different path, perhaps, that alters your overall journey. There’s something intense at these meetings, something you just know is important about them and what they bring and how they impact you.

I know you’ve had those moments when you meet someone and You. Just. Know. You know that this is someone you have to know. It seems like you’ve known them forever. There is an instantaneous connection between you. It’s unexplainable but it’s there.

Sometimes it’s called “love at first sight”.  Only it doesn’t always last now, does it. I am so totally blessed with my magical shape shifter husband of 42 years. I still feel the moment we met. I was not looking for any relationship. In fact, I had just had one end and wasn’t fully over it. I was in a new beginning in my life – new job, solo, just needing some change. But there he was, on the first day of my new job, and wham! This confident, self-assured man who exuded the confidence I was sorely lacking, who had a way of bringing you in to his sphere, who genuinely was interested in you. Little did I know that we would marry, have a child together, create a life of deep love and respect, and that we both would have a profound influence on each other personally and professionally. We had a strong, unwavering belief in each other, still do, to go forward and reach for our stars with unconditional support.

There are others too. A high school friend who I spent a lot of time with at her family’s home and whose parents taught me what I wanted in a life partner (And lucky me, I got it). 

A woman who became my dear friend who I met as a result of my work and who opened her family up to us, introducing me to a totally different way of family than I was used to. Funny, she credits me with many things too – we have been Magical Shape Shifters for each other in this lifetime

Another young woman who I’d known as a result of my being on the board of the agency where she was employed, introduced me to my first yoga instructor (and now I can officially teach it) which led me to a more holistic life style and interest in healing arts, which led me to another woman who introduced to a women’s network which led to another network and several connections, one of who is a young woman who opened the door for me with oracle cards which led to meeting another fabulous young woman who has since become my “adopted” daughter-friend (and designer of my web site) and it just goes on. By saying yes to serving on a board, I am here today. 

I am sure you have connections just like this. As you go back and look, you can see that X led to Y and C led to D and in the end it all becomes your journey of life. The teacher who gave you that extra attention that perhaps sparked your love of books. The neighbor who taught you a love of gardening and nature. The list goes on. 

There are those who magically shape-shifted your life, maybe not in the best way at the time, but the lesson that came from the encounter also shaped you into who you are today. The person who broke your heart but as a result, you learned more about you and what you want. The job that ended badly that you can look on now and realize your ego led you into it and you just didn’t have the ability (or interest) to play the politics it required. The experience that led you into trusting your intuition more.

Today might be a great time to give thanks for all the Magical Shape Shifters who have entered your life. Some may still be with you. Some may have left your life a long time ago. Others have just entered.  Some have been positive and some, not so much. Whether you can thank them directly, or you need to give thanks to the Universe for bringing them into your life, give thanks. They have helped shape you into the person you are today. And aren’t you just a marvelously imperfectly perfect being here to shape someone else’s world magically.