Winter’s Dream for my summer solstice???

Where’s all that warm summer golden glow???

by April Goff Brown

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As I write this, it is the day of the summer solstice. June 21st. I’ve been so excited for it to come so I could do my summer solstice reading but before I did that, I needed to review my winter solstice 2021 reading.

My winter reading was fully on self-development and as I read my notes from that reading, I see how much has come to pass. I was to pay attention inward focusing on my soul. Stay on the path of my flow and not get distracted. Allow joy to live within me (isn’t it funny how I co-authored a book in my friend’s We Are Joy series that was released in May?). Align to my truth and live authentically. Don’t hold myself back. And, find my soul family (I have). My reaction as I read my notes was “Wow” and I couldn’t wait to see what would be coming.

So how has this manifested? I have a more fully developed spiritual practice. I now integrate my daily readings to my intention in my morning yoga and meditation. I have focused fully on oracle reading with more training and insight. My jewelry has become a supporting player. I also discovered I do retreats and that I love doing them! I am coning to understand my Human Design more fully and am honoring it (if you don’t know Human Design, it is simply amazing! I can connect you with someone to do your chart and a basic reading – you’ll love it!) I have also honored my soul family, and allowed myself to be an intentional part that showers others with love while accepting the same showers back. It has been an amazing introspective six months.

Now, on to the Summer Solstice reading. I used The Shaman’s Dream oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

The first card is my main theme for this next 6 months and the card that came out was “Winter’s Dream” – for my summer reading!!!! I mean, I’m expecting all sunlight and golden glow and get a cool, pink, lavender and white colored card that tells me I will be in a gestation period. 

But, the other cards supported this message so clearly – 

Net Caster let me know that I will spend my time in preparation, casting a net as opportunities come forward but to remind me to not get overwhelmed by so many possibilities. I need to gain clarity in these next few months about my direction and purpose. Now I can’t tell you how timely that message is as I have no shortage of interests and ideas and I can get very scattered. No, I need to allow myself quiet time to gain clarity and focus. 

Stranger said this is also a time to be curious and explore, learn and be teachable.  Maybe even learn a new dance or two! So Winter’s Dream makes perfect sense as I can spend time learning, exploring, integrating these learnings into my practice. I’m loving the integration of cards, crystals, human design and some astrology. It is fascinating stuff.

What was really exciting about this reading were the messages that Spirit has me in its hands (In the Hand), giving me the wings to fly when it is time; that I need to remain confident in my magic  (Magician’s Sword); and that my tribe will continue to grow (Feast of Plenty). Make the right choices for where I shall play – I can’t be everywhere.

Why do I share all this? I have come to truly love and appreciate the psychology of the cards, how they provide that perspective to look at life with a different eye. The advice in these cards, should I choose to accept it (just like Mission Impossible) will lead me to a joyful, fulfilling time in life that brings me closer to my dream.

Now, who doesn’t want that!!!

And to keep me centered, I created two bracelets to wear for the next six months because one just couldn’t do it justice. I have my reading done. I have my touchstones on my wrist. I am ready for the next 6 months.

I’d love to guide you to your joy, shed clarity for your path, and connect you to your divine light. All you have to do is book your reading. I hope to see you soon.